SimaPro for life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting using the Ecoinvent database. Sustainability metrics and environmental analysis can be achieved using SimaPro to carry out life cycle analysis for corporate social responsibility etc. Keywords: simapro lca life cycle analysis life cycle assessment carbon footprint carbon footprinting ecoinvent life cycle inventory simapro ecoprofile gabi environmental software tools sustainability measures life cycle analysis lifecycle assessment lifecycle analysis environmental eco-profiles eco-design.

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EarthSmart: easy to use yet comprehensive

EarthSmart is a new LCA tool for evaluating the environmental impacts of a Product or Service life cycle. EarthSmart enables teams in Product Design, Sales, Product Marketing, EH&S and others to innovate without being LCA experts.

Innovate with EarthSmart's simplified "what if..." scenario analysis

Other tools are built only for LCA experts. EarthSmart allows the LCA experts to ensure the rigour and consistency that ISO and the marketplace demands, while presenting information in an intuitive user interface that allows experts in areas other than LCA to quickly and easily ask "What if..."

Key features


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EarthSmart is flexible
EarthSmart offers true multi-user functionality, catering for quick LCA users and detailed LCA users. It enable designers to make quick changes while also offering extensive modelling capability that allows users to expand their capabilities as they learn more about LCA. EarthSmart has advanced capabilities for advanced users, but does not force complexity onto users who simply want quick results.

More EarthSmart features

EarthSmart has a user-friendly reporting feature. There is the ability to create customised templates for Environmental Product Declarations. A full database is included plus there is the ability to import custom data.

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