SimaPro for life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting using the Ecoinvent database. Sustainability metrics and environmental analysis can be achieved using SimaPro to carry out life cycle analysis for corporate social responsibility etc. Keywords: simapro lca life cycle analysis life cycle assessment carbon footprint carbon footprinting ecoinvent life cycle inventory simapro ecoprofile gabi environmental software tools sustainability measures life cycle analysis lifecycle assessment lifecycle analysis environmental eco-profiles eco-design.

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PackageSmart is an LCA tool focused on packaging

Don't get caught behind the curve - packaging is at the forefront of many business conversations today. Choosing the right packaging material could mean the difference between making the news and being the news. PackageSmart is a simplified, web-based LCA tool for evaluating environmental impacts of packaging.

PackageSmart enables packaging designers to make environmentally sustainable material selections early, when design freedom is high and the cost of change is low. PackageSmart gathers LCA information and presents it to packaging engineers/designers in terms they understand, in an easy-to-deploy, collaborative web-based environment.


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"I was not experienced in LCAs before PackageSmart, yet I was creating full cradle to grave models in the first week." Dan Robinette, Director of Sustainability, The Robinette Company

PackageSmart is easy to use and effective

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